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About Me

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I was born and raised in Toyohashi, Japan where beautiful nature and amazing sceneries were just a short trip away. I’ve always had a strong interest in observing something beautiful, whether it be an elegant flower, magnificent mountain landscapes, or beautifully lit cities at night. When our parents took us on trips across the country, I would always look out the window of the car or the train, admiring the gorgeous beauty of mountain sides full of cherry blossoms and snow peaked mountains with beautiful shades of fall colors of the Japanese maple trees.

Whenever I encounter striking scenery, I experienced a strong urge to record it so I can continue to enjoy it's beauty and be able to share it. I started taking on watercolor and oil painting. Everyday after school, I’d go to the art classroom and painted whatever came to my mind with my friends.

As a young adult, I came over to the United States to attend school. With busier schedules and more responsibilities, I found out it was difficult to set aside time to enjoy painting. Around that time, I bought my first digital camera. I found a new way of recording and sharing the images of something beautiful. I fell in love with photography and it became my passion.

I now live in Odenton, Maryland with my wife and two beautiful children and work as a Registered Nurse in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I also serve as a photographer for our church, shooting the events and taking portraits.

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