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My Photography Style

My goal as a photographer is to capture the essence of my clients' personalities. I like to capture spontaneous fun heart felt moments that can be truly enjoyed and cherished for years to come. 


Capturing Sponteneous Moments

When working with children, I'd like for them to enjoy the photo session as much as I do. I often take my clients to the playground and let the kids be themselves, play, laugh, be loud, and jump! The parents' reactions to them are also priceless to capture.

Natural Light

I like to use natural light as the primary source of photographic light. Nothing is more beautiful than the diffused sunlight on an overcast day, as well as the classic "golden hours" right before the sunset. I can also supply the lighting with an array of lighting equipment in case the natural light isn't optimal.


The Eyes Tell a Story

In the photographs I take, one thing I absolutely make sure is that the eyes are in perfect focus. Our eyes are the key to ones soul that tells a story when words are hard to come by. 

Kid "Focused"

I have nearly 15 years of experience at the bedside as a pediatric nurse. I am in tune with the children's needs and attentive to making them feel comfortable. I apply the same philosophy when photographing children and their families.

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